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Is the TSA Targeting Runners?

Is the TSA Targeting Runners?

Doc, when I was flying out of PDX for a recent marathon the new TSA scanner in security flagged my shin as a potentially dangerous object. I was pulled aside and my leg...

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Tip of the Week: The Purge

Tip of the Week: The Purge

Well, the sun is out and the roads and trails are calling, which means it’s time to do a critical evaluation of your running equipment. This may end up sounding...

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Ask the Doc: Why Am I Depressed After a Race?

Ask the Doc: Why Am I Depressed After a Race?

After an endurance event like a marathon I expect to feel fatigue and soreness. But why do I also feel depressed in the days following the race, even if it went well?...

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Ape Canyon Trail: Cascade Close-Up

Ape Canyon Trail: Cascade Close-Up

This stunning trail on the southeast flank of Mt. St. Helens offers great rewards for a relatively modest effort.  Climbing through old growth forest with occasional...

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Tip of the Week: Run from the Sun

Tip of the Week: Run from the Sun

Well, that strange glowing orb is starting to peak out from behind the clouds on a more regular basis, which means it’s time for people to a) start mocking me on...

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What Our Customers Are Saying

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A running store in Portland can be intimidating; Katey did great defusing that.

Paul Cameron

[My daughter] said that is now the only place where she will go for running gear.

Jenny Churchill

They made a huge fuss over me. Best customer service I’ve had all year!

Michael Ratliff

They treat each customer with dignity, regardless of goals or fitness level.

Thomas Palmer

I love this store! Thanks for the help, friendly atmosphere, sales, and events.

Abby Lange Morton

First 5k great experience! So glad to be a part of it and can’t wait until my next race.

DivaVal Kellogg

Thank you for fitting my beginner runner feet. I love the option I chose.

Christina Peterson

Great store, knowledgeable staff and amazing running group!

Kyle Charlson

The man that helped me…was great. I’ll be coming back to PRC for future shoes.

Krista Montez

Thank you for partnering with Liberty Fit. My son came home just beaming.

Katherine Forbes

  • Paul Cameron
  • Jenny Churchill
  • Michael Ratliff
  • Thomas Palmer
  • Abby Morton
  • DivaVal Kellogg
  • Christina Peterson
  • Kyle Charlson
  • Krista Montez
  • Katherine Forbes

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