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Some 27,000 people voted, Willamette Week tallied the votes, and we won!

For the second year running (and walking) the people have selected PRC as Portland's Best Running Store. 

Thank you to everyone who supported us in WW's Best of Portland poll.

We are very proud, and we couldn't have done it without you!

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Welcome back, Altra!

Welcome back, Altra!

We have the Torin 2.5 in stock now and anticipate the Superior 3.0 trail-running shoe very soon.

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PDX Runs: Fort Vancouver

PDX Runs: Fort Vancouver

Each season we would head there for important workouts at the dirt track and around the fort’s vast parade ground.

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Fiat Lux: Nathan Lights for Runners

Fiat Lux: Nathan Lights for Runners

Don’t trip on unseen obstacles; don’t surprise drivers. New lights from Nathan are laden with nifty, running-specific features.

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Garmin VivosmartHR+

Garmin VivosmartHR+

The new all-in-one VivosmartHR+ has the unobtrusive design of an activity tracker you could wear all day and the features of a GPS running watch.

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Milo McIver State Park: Clackamas County’s Dreamland

Milo McIver State Park: Clackamas County’s Dreamland

This was the site of the famous Vortex I state-sponsored rock festival in 1970.

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I have more fun during Run With Paula Events than any others I have done so far.

Amanda Stanley

A running store in Portland can be intimidating; Katey did great defusing that.

Paul Cameron

They made a huge fuss over me. Best customer service I’ve had all year!

Michael Ratliff

They treat each customer with dignity, regardless of goals or fitness level.

Thomas Palmer

I love this store! Thanks for the help, friendly atmosphere, sales, and events.

Abby Lange Morton

First 5k great experience! So glad to be a part of it and can’t wait until my next race.

DivaVal Kellogg

Thank you for fitting my beginner runner feet. I love the option I chose.

Christina Peterson

Great store, knowledgeable staff and amazing running group!

Kyle Charlson

The man that helped me…was great. I’ll be coming back to PRC for future shoes.

Krista Montez

Thank you for partnering with Liberty Fit. My son came home just beaming.

Katherine Forbes

  • Amanda Stanley
  • Paul Cameron
  • Michael Ratliff
  • Thomas Palmer
  • Abby Morton
  • DivaVal Kellogg
  • Christina Peterson
  • Kyle Charlson
  • Krista Montez
  • Katherine Forbes

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12 Questions: Katie Parry

12 Questions: Katie Parry


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12 Questions: Rob Crow

12 Questions: Rob Crow

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12 Questions: Hazel Richardson
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12 Questions: Connor Wilson

12 Questions: Connor Wilson

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12 Questions: Larry Julson

12 Questions: Larry Julson

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