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Dream Big: Face the Heartache

PRC Race Team's Christina Overbeck Crawford dedicated herself to qualifying for the Olympic Trials marathon and just missed her goal on a tough day in Indianapolis. She reflects this month on whether it's worth the sacrifice and potential heartache to pursue an ambitious goal. The verdict? Read On. (12/5/14)





Run with Paula Events has several great new events coming your way in 2015, including the Volcano Half-Marathon and the Independence Day 10K. First up among Paula's great new creations, though, is the first PRC Winter 5K series: three low-key footraces from our Beaverton store on Dec. 28, Jan. 25, and Feb. 22. You can sign up for all three for just $60 or any individual 5K for $25. Let us help you maintain your motivation and fitness this winter; sign up for the PRC Winter 5K Series today!

The third race on February 22 is a prediction race. That means ANYBODY CAN WIN. Leave the watch in the car and try to finish as close as possible to the time you've predicted for yourself.

Each 5K is limited to just 500 participants.  Details and registration are available online now at


(2/4/15) [RESULTS] from Race #1 and Race #2 are available now.


July 4, 2015: Save the Date

Independence Day 10K



The new Independence Day 10K will be an EPIC run through Rogue's Hop Farms in Independence, Oregon.  Get ready to get dirty; you are about to get Rogued.  

Registration opening soon








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Make your next step your best step.  We host group runs nearly every day of the week.  We are slow.  We are fast.  We are quiet.  We are funny.  Mostly, we are committed.  Come join us.  Whether you are training for your next marathon or just trying to get fit, you can do it - we can help.



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