Thankful for RoadID

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Rob says this was the good side of his face after the accident.

Rob says this was the good side of his face after the accident.


Carrying some sort of ID on a run or bike ride always seemed to make some sense just to be careful. Now that I’ve actually put one to use, I’m an even greater believer.

RoadID is a company that engraves identification that can be put on bracelets, anklets, and shoe laces. You can put pretty much whatever information you want on them. Some are set up such that you pay a small yearly fee to store your medical information on a website that emergency personnel can access via your bracelet, anklet, etc.

On July 14, I was out on a 30-mile training ride on my triathlon bike. On a rural road about seven miles from my destination, I heard my front tire pop. I remember losing control and thinking to myself, “don’t fall into traffic.”


Robs helmet after his crash. He wanted us to remind you also to wear your helmet when you ride. They work.

Rob’s helmet after his crash. He reminds you also to wear your helmet when you ride. Helmets work.


The next thing I remember, there was a woman standing over me and a fire truck pulling up. The woman said she saw my front tire blow, stopped, called 911, and came to check on me. I was unconscious for a couple of minutes, but when I woke up I was cognizant enough to point to my RoadID and say, “That’s my wife.”

Pam, the good-Samaritan, called my wife and said, “Your husband was in a bicycle accident. An ambulance is on the way.”

As a side note, that is not a phone call your pregnant wife wants to receive.

An ambulance picked me up moments later, and after a few hours in the hospital, I went home with a broken arm, concussion, and a bunch of scrapes and bruises.

I’ll forever be thankful for Pam and for my RoadID. Without them, I don’t know how long I would have been lying there or how long it would have taken me to “come-to” enough to remember my wife’s number.


[Editor’s note: We don’t sell RoadID at Portland Running Company, but both of our stores have RoadID displays with sample bracelets to try and coupons for free shipping on the RoadID you order from]


Who wore it better, Connor Wilson or Dean Karnazes? Check out RoadID at PRC.

Check out RoadID at PRC.




Rob Crow is a criminal defense attorney and triathlete. He works at PRC in his spare time. We are so glad he is OK.

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