Win Shoes for Valentine’s Day!

Posted on Feb 9, 2017 | 2 comments

Win Shoes for Valentine’s Day!

How’s Your Relationship with Your Shoes?


Love is in the air—or is that the fumes of Shoe Goo and topical analgesic?

This Valentine’s Day, Portland Running Company wants to know how you’re getting on with those special someones on your feet. Are you and your running or walking shoes fast friends? On again, off again? Maybe it was love at first sight, but now they rub you the wrong way….

Write us a short status update on your relationship with your current running or walking shoes. Best one wins new shoes! Will you recommit, or is it time to let the skilled matchmakers at PRC intervene? Be brief, be creative (include a pic if you like), and we’ll select a winner on Valentine’s Day!

You can use the comments section below, the “Contact Us” form in the sidebar, or just click the red button here to send an email to [email protected] (We may publish at least part of your entry on social media.)

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  1. Dear Running Shoes,
    You were so dear to me for so long, but somehow it changed. You just sit there now, looking at me so sadly like you need more attention from me. I try to be as attentive as a once was, but Gym Shoes have given me more of what I need the past few months. Please believe me when I say I’m sorry. I’m ready to break up with Gym and work on my relationship with you, Running.
    We’d need to take it slow at first…just short dates a few times per week perhaps? I really would like to work towards the goal of spending a lot more time together consistently with you. I’d sure like that. I miss having you in my life.
    All my love,

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  2. Oh shoes-
    We have been through so much together: the awesome Summer races full of sunny PR’s and the slow rainy slogs that left my feet cold and pruny. Now I feel cramped and trapped. I need some space. I need to stretch my toes and seek a wider profile.
    I still want you in my life, as a walking friend. I hope you can find it in your sole to forgive me.

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