Race Team at Heartbreaker

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Race Team at Heartbreaker

The Portland Running Company Race Team had its second Grand Prix race of 2017 at the Heartbreaker 10K (technically the Providence Heart to Start 10K) on Feb. 12 in Hillsboro. At least 25 of our team members enjoyed a chilly but clear run on the rolling country roads of rural Washington County. 

Unfortunately for him, our stalwart teammate Wayne Dilly is injured right now, but fortunately for us, that means he was there snapping pictures during the event! He took a ton. Here are the ones he selected for us. Enjoy! 

If you have any questions about joining our team—yes, you can—just email [email protected].)

Overall 10k winners Marla Smith and JJ Grinvalds. Congratulations, you two! Awesome effort.

L-R: Rafe, Nathan, Erik, and Ashley at the finish.

Go Heather!

Dr. Laura powers to the finish!

Pat Funk having/running a great time.

Daniel Russo bringing it home.

Go Colleen!

How’s the weather up there?

JJ, center, and Rafe, with eventual second-place finisher Mario Campos. (Mario ran 24 miles the day before.)

Clair says you should try this.

Last year’s Grand Prix champion Katherine Tomlinson picks up where she left off. Actually, faster.

Nathan is one fast dad.

Second-year team member Alex Klomstad is two-for-two in Grand Prix races this year.

Mariko ran a great race.

Ashley with a big PR!

Marla with the strong form at the finish.

David finished fourth overall, our first master’s runner across the line!

Matthew, coming in hot!

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