National Running Day June 7

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National Running Day June 7

Come one come all to a free group run and barbecue at Portland Running Company to celebrate National Running Day. We’ll chase the run with fresh-grilled hot dogs and fresh-chilled cold beer (or soda).

We’re also going to take this opportunity to hand out the Group Run Rewards you’ve racked up over the past year. At a buck a run some of you have some mighty substantial PRC Gift Cards coming your way!

  • Where: Portland Running Company – Beaverton (10029 SW Nimbus Ave.)
  • When: 6 PM, Wednesday, June 7
  • Who: You and all your running buddies
  • How much: $0.00
  • Why: You tell us! Share your reason for running on social media and tag Portland Running Company in your post. Below some of our staff members and group-run leaders have gotten the ball rolling by sharing their primary reasons for running.

I love running because it reminds me how amazing and capable my body is…and how fleeting it can sometimes be. So I’m always grateful to run, even when my times aren’t great or I hurt or I don’t feel like doing it, I always feel better after. – Lynsay Meek


I run to make the days longer, to stave off old age, to preserve the dreamer in me, and to keep me better prepared for the challenges I will inevitably face in the days to come. I run to build strength in my body and my mind. In running, I find stability and a sanctuary from the craziness of this fragile world. Running, by simply imposing its will upon me, leaves a trail of pleasant fatigue that transforms a splintered bench into a king’s throne and a glass of water into the fountain of youth. Why do I run? Because without it, my brain would never rest. – Dave Harkin, PRC owner


I run to see how far I can push my limits. -Greg Mitchell


I run in order to push myself to new limits as well as developing rich friendships with my runner friends. -Connor Wilson


” ” -Katie Parry


I run because it is the fairest thing one can do. You truly get out what you put in. – Alex Mangan


I like the freedom of Running.. The hard work that goes into training for a race. The speed work, tempo runs, and the LSD runs. The discipline. The routine. – Katey Angel


I run because I love the ways I can surprise myself. I can go longer, faster, run relays, run trails. I choose a goal and feel like a champ every run. – Collin McFadyen


The joy of running a great race knowing all the hard work you put in paid off is incomparable to anything else. – Jackson Frank


I like to run because it gives me time to be with just myself, where I can just focus on breathing—or trying to breathe. – Jessa Kennedy


I run to show myself what I’m capable of and what I can achieve when I set a big, out-of-reach goal, like running a marathon. Or two. – Holly Paige


I run because I always had the desire and passion. I knew from an early age that running was my strength and purpose. Running was not only a team but a solo event where I had the opportunity to excel at my own pace and just run when and wherever as I got older. When I became more experienced in race events from 5K’s to marathons, I gained the love to compete and the desire to train alongside some of the best runners I know, both young and old. I have also enjoyed the many benefits of what running does for the body and mind. Running is who I am and it always puts a smile on my face. – John Clifford


  1. Will this event be open to walkers? I know it’s “National Running Day”, but a wise man (Dave) once said, “the only difference between a runner and a walker, is that a walker knows in advance when they’re going to walk”. 😉

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    • Yes, of course! Runners, walkers…strollers OK, too. Just no dogs, please.

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