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GLUKOS nutrition products provide fast, clean energy for athletes, and Portland Running Company is the only specialty running store in Portland to carry them. We’re so confident in GLUKOS, we’re using it to stock the aid stations for all of our events, including the upcoming Bridge of the Goddess and Bay to Brews footraces.

GLUKOS founder Mark Jensen, a former collegiate runner and Ironman competitor, did extensive research and development to find the optimum source of energy that was both healthy and effective for athletes, similar to an oral IV. GLUKOS is similar to an IV because it contains the same basic ingredients, including water, glucose and electrolytes like potassium.

GLUKOS provides almost instant energy. Glucose (the sugar) is absorbed directly through the cell wall in your mouth and into the bloodstream.

Glucose is the only fuel the human body can use to produce natural energy. GLUKOS products do not contain high-fructose corn syrup which impairs performance and recovery, caffeine which artificially increases the heart rate and dehydrates you, or artificial sweeteners.

While GLUKOS is available in five different forms, PRC currently stocks GLUKOS gels, gummies, and tablets. Our staff loves the gels, in particular, because they are thinner and go down more easily (with less aftertaste) than other gel products.

You’ll find GLUKOS at both our locations, online, and at the next Run With Paula race. Be a hero and stock up your Hood/Portland To Coast van with GLUKOS!



PICTURED AT TOP: Rio Olympian Jared Ward relies on GLUKOS to fuel his marathons.

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