Garmin VivosmartHR+

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If you’ve ever been on the fence about whether you need an activity tracker or a running watch, Garmin has come up with the solution. The new VivosmartHR+ has the slim, unobtrusive design of an activity tracker you could wear all day and night, and also has feature parity—as they say in the biz—with Garmin’s staple Forerunner 20/25 running watches.

The VivosmartHR+ takes activity monitoring to new heights with a built-in barometric altimeter for counting stairs and an accurate, optical heartrate monitor right on the wrist (see below). Heartrate monitoring makes calorie counts and sleep monitoring, among other metrics, much more accurate.


Beyond the standard activity-tracking features, the VivosmartHR+ uses its fast-syncing GPS connection to the fullest with virtual pacing, auto-lapping, run/walk modes, alerts, and even sport-sensing. Heartrate zones and alerts help you dial-in training so you know just what changes each workout is stimulating.

The VivosmartHR+ makes a great gift for someone who is starting out slow but might delve more deeply into running and fitness. As their demands increase, VivosmartHR+ has the features to keep up. You won’t need to buy another watch.


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