Fiat Lux: Nathan Lights for Runners

Posted on Oct 14, 2016 | 0 comments

When summer turns to fall and fall to winter, daylight is at a premium, especially outside of work hours. Most dedicated runners and walkers will end up exercising before sunrise or after sunset, at least some of the time.

When the sun isn’t making light, we urge you to make your own out there. Don’t trip on unseen obstacles; don’t surprise drivers.

Here are some new options that we find very effective.



Nathan Nebula Fire Runner’s Headlamp • $75

Lightweight, multi-beam, rechargeable headlamp is the first designed for runners alone. LED produces 192 lumens of eye-pleasing light, blanketing proximity and distance. Here’s where it gets even better: change between five light settings touch-free thanks to LightWave technology. The Nebula Fire even senses when a car is approaching you and switches into strobe mode to catch the driver’s attention.




Nathan Zephyr Fire 100 & 300 Hand Torches • $50–$60

Grip-free and effortless to carry, these two running flashlights from Nathan have a built in 24-degree downward angle to illuminate the path ahead. Rear-facing red LED makes sure you can be seen from behind, and built-in emergency siren draws more attention to you if ever necessary. Rechargeable via USB port, this design is available in 100- and 300-lumen models. Very handy.


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