Arrival in Ireland

Posted on Jul 16, 2015 | 0 comments

[Editor’s Note: Our staff member Dylan Dougherty won a trip to Ireland to run in Saucony’s Race to Kinvara. This coast-to-coast relay race pits teams of running-specialty staff from around the world against each other. Dylan is representing Team USA Red.]

Hey everyone!

Just landed in Dublin for the Saucony Race to Kinvara Relay!  We are going to run 200 km across the Irish countryside from Dublin to Kilkenny (day one) and then Cliffs of Moher to Galway Bay and Kinvara (day 2.) We have 8 person teams (I have met most of my team—we are all scattered from around the US) and 22 legs to split up between us. The thing that makes this run super exciting and unique is that Saucony controls everything—you can’t pay to enter the race!

The travel to get to Ireland was probably the hardest part of this entire trip. I missed my first bus on the way to the airport, which was okay because I planned time for that. Once I made it to the airport and literally seconds away from taking off, we got a delay from New York saying the weather would be too bad when we landed. I only had a 2 hour layover planned, so I started to grow kind of anxious. We landed at JFK and I sort of racewalked ( I can’t promise I kept one foot grounded at all times) to the shuttle to take me to the right terminal and then to the gate. I showed up with about 5 minutes to spare. Once I was on this plane all worries were gone.

I landed in Dublin at 10 am (2am Portland time…gross) and was promptly greeted by a team of Saucony employees wearing bright high-viz clothing. We were shuttled to this amazing resort/hotel called CityWest about 20 minutes out of Dublin center. I received a ton of cool race to Kinvara branded Saucony clothing and accessories, and am now awaiting a shuttle into Dublin to tour the Guinness factory and establish our team plan. From what I hear, it’s nearly impossible to beat the Germans, which sounds like a good challenge to me. Anyway, I’ll update tomorrow with pictures from the course and the castle we get to stay in!


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