5 Days Until Boston: Best If Used By….

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Some things have an expiration date that is really just a suggestion.

“It would be better if you eat this now but tomorrow or even sometime next week would also be okay.”

This is true for most cereals, lots of canned goods, some bagels (they seem to last forever), and, of course, any kind of cookie.

There are other items for which that “Best By” date is pretty firm. Steak comes to mind. Yogurt and sour cream. Eggs. Any kind of ground meat and most bagged salads. Also, raspberries, which should pretty much say, “Eat me in the store or expect some mold by the time you get me home….”

Of course many Portlanders have no idea what I am talking about since most of what they eat is organic, free range, gluten free, and void of any preservatives whatsoever,  so you’ll have to take my word for it.

If I had a Best By Date, I wonder what category I would be under. Would I be a raspberry or would I be just a really awesome cereal that might get a little stale even a full month after the expiration (see Lucky Charms)?

With five days to go, I guess I do sort of have an expiration. I am hoping that date reads, “Best if used completely by 12:35PM EST, April 18th, 2016.”

That is not to say that I want to expire—I just want to have used up all the good stuff at exactly the prime moment for freshness and taste.

To continue this journey and in order to stay fresh, I’ve got to stay cool. I am headed to the Timbers game with KPTV Weather guy and fellow marathoner Andy Carson and my beloved wife Paula.

My nerves are kicking in a little. I have been working like crazy, waking up early, and feeling pretty antsy. So the game will be a great distraction. (Keep in mind that Instagram always looks like a party, but we will be sitting as much as possible). Go Timbers.

So, my “Best If Used By Date” is Monday. I might be a green banana right now. I am picked and I am already ripening, but I will be perfect to eat on Monday.

Until then, I am going to store myself in a cool, dry place.

5 Days. 5 Ways.




Dave Harkin and his wife, Paula, own Portland Running Company. He lives in West Linn.

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