2 Days Until Boston (But Who’s Counting?)

Posted on Apr 17, 2016 | 0 comments

(actually more like 41 hours but who’s counting…?)

I ran along the Charles this morning with Paula Harkin. She kept her streak alive which was the main reason we went running. At this point, actual physical benefits from anything we do are pretty few and far between.

I can hydrate. I can rest. And I can eat. Besides these basic tasks, anything else I do will have either no effect or a negative effect.

Boston was beautiful today and so crowded with competitive runners. It’s pretty amusing to watch all of us walk like we are racing. I think Paula and I split a 9:10 walking in the mall from Express to Lord and Taylor and back. Funny. We are still having so much fun, and we love this city. We are also getting ready.


I am still breaking down my race strategy. I know I will make some kind of move around mile 15. That move may be to just maintain, but with the hills, and potential wind, it will feel like I am speeding up.

The wind was significant today, and so if it keeps up anywhere close to its direction and speed on Monday, I will be forced to capitalize on the protected portions of the course and tuck in when I can. I can’t control the wind, but I can acknowledge it and be smart. I will not fight the wind for 26 miles, but I might have to fight it for a few. I also want to remember that the wind taketh much more than it giveth, so I will have to focus on turnover and pace during the wind-free opportunities if there are any. It was 22 mph today from the northeast. That is roughly a direct headwind.


“Run Softly But Carry A Big Kick.”

This came to me this morning when I was starting my strides (with the wind). I felt like my feet were barely on the ground. I felt stealthy and strong. Essentially, the idea behind the quote is to ease into whatever it is you are doing with patience and poise, but also to be ready and armed with fortitude and perseverance—to be able to deliver when it counts. I will finish strong.

I can’t really escape the fact that I have been sharing the internal and external details of my journey and no matter what anyone else expects me to do, I only have to deliver to myself. I know what I am able to do, and Monday is the day to actually stop talking about it and to just do it.

Off to meet Kevin and Annie Gilmartin for an early dinner with a fellow Irishman. We will eat and drink a little and let the Irish sentiment of Misneach (MISH-nock)—courage, spirit, hopefulness , pushing forward through uncertainty—flow through our bodies.

2 Days (now more like 40 hours until Boston). 2 Ways.




Dave Harkin and his wife, Paula, own Portland Running Company. He lives in West Linn.

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