12 Questions: Henry Richenstein

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Our “12 Questions” series continues this week with Henry Richenstein. Henry graduated last fall from Gonzaga University with a degree in business administration. In addition to learning how to administer business at Gonzaga, he was also an instrumental part of the Bulldog lacrosse team. He spends most of his time slinging shoes at the PRC Beaverton location.

Interview by Greg Mitchell.


Henry prefers kayaks to canoes.

Greg Mitchell In what city and state were you born?
Henry Richenstein The beautiful city of Portland, Oregon.

GM What high school did you attend? What was the mascot?
HR Riverdale High School (same school that Archie from the comic went to). Our mascot was a Maverick, which was a glorified cow. We literally all “Moo’d” together before sporting events to get pumped up.
GM For a second there I thought you said “Rivendell” and the LOTR nerd in me got excited.

GM You just won a free trip to anywhere. Where do you go? Why?
HR I would probably choose to attend whichever World Cup is going to be held in Europe next.
[Editor’s note: Enjoy Russia 2018, Henry.]

GM What is your favorite temperature? Why?
HR My favorite temperature is 80 degrees, but my favorite weather is snow.
GM That makes sense.

GM What is your current training shoe?
HR I am currently in the Nike Lunar Flyknit 3, the white and gray ones to be exact.
GM The On Cloud also comes in those colors. You should get a pair.

GM What scares you more: clowns or snakes? Explain.
HR Definitely snakes. Those things are just weird, and I actually get nightmares about them sometimes.

GM What is your favorite movie of all time?
HR My favorite movie is probably Django Unchained. The mix between the acting and the soundtrack was unbeatable. I also think Leo should have won an Oscar for his role.
GM Everybody knows you have to get mauled by a grizzly bear to win an Oscar.

GM What is your biggest pet-peeve?
HR I hate when people leave the front door open when they are the last person to enter.

GM What is your favorite restaurant in the Portland area?
HR My favorite restaurant is either Salvador Molly’s or Fire on the Mountain. Both of them have amazing spicy food.

GM What drink do you order from the flight attendant when on an airplane?
HR Water or a gin and tonic. It depends on the occasion.
GM Uh, the occasion is that you’re on a plane.

GM Canoe or Kayak? Explain.
HR Easily kayak. They are just much more versatile.

GM What is the best advice you have ever received?
HR Be yourself or else people won’t like you for who you are.

Interviewer Greg Mitchell coaches at Linfield College and works at PRC. He won last weekend’s Shamrock 15k. Has anyone seen his keys?

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