12 Questions: Corey Mehl

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Our “12 Questions” series continues this week with a look at Corey Mehl, who can be found working away at both PRC locations. In addition to working at PRC, Corey is a track and cross country coach at Multnomah University in Portland. He received his undergraduate degree from the University of Charleston in “The Dub V” and got his master’s in sports administration from the University of Louisville. He and his wife Kelly live here in Portland where Kelly enjoys eating a strict lactose-and-gluten-free vegan diet and Corey cooks for himself.

Interview by Greg Mitchell. 

Greg Mitchell In what city and state were you born?
Corey Mehl I was born in the “Forgotten Borough” that is Staten Island, New York.

GM What high school did you attend? What was the mascot?
CM From 2001 to 2005, I attended the lovely Bellefontaine (pronounced “bell-fountain,” no idea why) High School in Bellefontaine, Ohio. Home to the Chiefs and the first concrete street in America!

GM What is your most embarrassing athletic moment?
CM My freshman year (2006) at the University of Charleston (WV) doing the steeplechase for the first time.  It was snowing at Cedarville University, and it was freezing outside. They filled up the water pit minutes beforehand so it wouldn’t freeze.  I barely practiced the barriers before my first attempt at it and was doing fairly well the first mile. Then on the water pit barrier halfway through the race, I landed with too much forward momentum, fell face first into the track and smacked my head. After that, I just remember looking up in the infield at my coach not ever wanting to do the steeple again. My teammates later told me not only was it hilarious, but also that I swore very loudly and all the Christians at Cedarville instantly judged me as a terrible human being.

GM What is your favorite restaurant in the Portland area?
CM Nicholas Restaurant because of their pizza-sized pita bread. Or Pizza Nostra on Fremont because of their pizza sized pizza.

GM What is your current training shoe?
CM Currently I’m running in the Brooks Adrenaline with a Sole insert. It’s been a solid replacement for my past love affair with the Brooks Addiction.
GM Sliding that Sole insert into an On Cloud might spark a new love affair.

GM What scares you more: clowns or snakes? Explain.
CM The infamous snake clown. Terrifying.

Doesn't seem too scary, really.

Actually kinda cute!

GM You can be a character in any movie, who do you choose to be?
CM Definitely Ron Weasley in the Harry Potter films. He’s a wizard, gets to be famous by association with Harry Potter, and then ends up with the beautiful Hermione Granger. I’m already a ginger so this is a no-brainer. Did I mention I get to do magic?
GM Wait, Ron ends up with Hermione?!? Talk about a spoiler.

GM What is your biggest pet-peeve?
CM My wife doesn’t squeeze from the bottom of the toothpaste. It enrages me.

That must be toothpaste.

That must be Colgate.

GM What is your favorite breakfast cereal?
CM Sorry, but I don’t do cereal. Grosses me out. I’m an Eggo waffle kind of guy.
GM You don’t do cereal? What Soviet Bloc country are you from again?

GM As a recent transplant, what do you consider the “weirdest” thing about Portland?
CM Besides not being able to pump my own gas, probably the lack of car horns on the interstates. I’m from Ohio where bad drivers are raised. It’s normal to roll down the window and give drivers a piece of your mind. Here? The exact opposite. I think it actually makes me more angry being so nonchalant about getting cut off.
GM I tell you what, if you ever cut me off I’ll hold a tube of toothpaste out the window and squeeze from the top. That ought to give you a dose of that road rage you’re looking for.

GM Plaid or stripes?
CM Plaid. “Stripes” was a great movie though.

GM What is the best advice you have ever received?
CM I play by no one’s rules. Not even my own.





Greg Mitchell coaches at Linfield College and works at PRC. Email him if you need more hours.

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