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The Portland Running Company Race Team Grand Prix is a friendly, year-long competition between registered members of our Race Team. Team members score points and move up the yearly standings by running any of the selected races that constitute the Grand Prix.

Men and women compete separately. All race results are age-graded, and points are awarded based on a runner’s finish in the age-graded results of a given race. The top age-graded performance in a Grand Prix event for the men and women is each worth 15 points. The second-best age-graded performance for both men and women is worth 14 points, etc. No runner or walker will receive fewer than 5 points for a Grand Prix race.

Your best races, up to nine total, will contribute to your overall standing in the year-long competition. In addition to the 12 series races, runners may submit one full marathon result from the year. Marathon results will be age-graded and ranked separately and points distributed accordingly.

Bonus Points: In 2018 there will be four ways to earn bonus points toward your Grand Prix total.  1) Team members may earn five bonus Grand Prix points for participating in volunteer activities. Any running-related volunteering activity is acceptable, such as volunteering at a race or doing organized trail maintenance.  2) Five bonus points will also be awarded for completing the majority of a race series, e.g., Stumptown Cross or the PRC Winter Series.  3) Team members who complete an ultramarathon race (>26.2 miles) will earn 5 points.  4) Team members who complete an ultra-short race (less than or equal to one mile in length) will earn 5 points. In scenarios 3 and 4 above, race shall be defined as a timed, competitive event with results posted publicly. In all four bonus-point categories (volunteering, series, ultra-long, ultra-short), team members are responsible for self reporting their participation and requesting the bonus points. Bonus points will only be awarded once per category, per year. This means that the maximum bonus points available per year is 20.

Year-end standings will determine award winners. Awards will be handed out and the top competitors recognized at the PRC Race Team’s year-end holiday party in December. Ties will be broken in favor of the runner or walker who has completed more Grand Prix races during the year (up to all 12).

Walkers: In 2016 the PRC Race Team added a separate division to the Grand Prix for walkers. The walking division of the Grand Prix is non-competitive, focused instead on participation. Walkers self-identify by answering a survey soon after registering for the team.  Participation in a Grand Prix race—at any distance—garners 5 Grand Prix points for a Race Team walker, regardless of time, finishing place, or age. Walkers are scored separately in both results of individual races and in the overall, year-to-date standings. Award(s) for walkers will be handed out at season’s end based on participation score(s).

Questions about age-grading, results, rules, and standings can be directed to Hunter Bennett-Daggett: [email protected].

General questions about the PRC team can be directed to Ryan Heal.